We are

Crypto Mastermind

We are a group of crypto enthusiasts. Our goal is to bring the benefits of the crypto market to as many people as possible. All of us have been in the crypto space for well over 3 years, through the struggles of the early market, to the great bullrun of 2017. We have been through it all and wish to share the experience we've gained with the wider crypto community.

Our market analysts constantly scour forums and newssites for new and interesting developments which hold potential for gain. We have created a well-diversified portfolio which reaches into many field of the real-world economy.

We want to make it easy and interesting to invest into this amazing, ever-developing market.
No more headaches choosing projects, no more reading tons of whitepapers, smarter investments and engagement in the expanding space of crypto projects.

Most people fail at investing into cryptocurrency. Why?

  • 01. Too many choices

    Lots of choice leads to lots of bad decisions. Unless you have time to go over thousands of projects and whitepapers and understand their intricacies, you will probably just settle for mainstream ones.

    Our solution:
    Our market analysts enable you to invest into up-and-coming, new projects with lots of potential at the click of a button.

  • 02. volatile market

    The crypto market is the most volatile and explosive market ever.
    It takes lots of knowledge about market cycles and trends to not get weak hands and instead exit with a gain.

    Our solution:
    Our long-term approach makes short-term market movements mean less and focuses on the big picture.

  • 03. Badly timed investing

    Many people invest into a project one time, then see it plummet and sell at a loss.
    Others invest only once a project has already peaked, only to exit frustrated, disappointed.

    Our solution:
    Cost averaging solves the problems a volatile market presents.

Why should you choose us?

Investment Benefits

Autopilot Investing
Simply choose an amount to invest - we automatically distribute it into our pre-set portfolio.

Staking rewards
Gain from staking even with smaller investments. Our staking rewards are distributed among all of our costumers.

Smart HODLing
Reduce your risk of financial loss by investing into a wide range of promising projects.

Always up to date

Daily news
Our news team updates you on a daily basis on developments in the crypto space.

Monthly performance reports
We inform our customers on how the pool is doing, aswell as any future action we intend to take.

Understand our vision
Alongside our performance reports, we update you with our throughts on the market and what we expect next.

Taking care of your worries

Freedom over your funds
No binding contracts or time restrictions - take out your money whenever you want.

Direct contact
You can speak to us at any time you wish. Frisk our brains at your convenience.

A safe haven
We follow a long-term philosophy and adjust accordingly. There is no "get rich quick" scheme to be found here.

We Fit Any Type Of Investor


There are thousands of cryptocurrencies and projects, some of which hold more potential than others. The sheer amount can be overwhelming – it keeps people from investing, when they could be making great profits.

Crypto Mastermind removes this complexity for the beginner crypto investor.


We are enthusiasts. We believe the
ever-growing development of crypto technology will benefit the world in a great way. Invest into the market in a smart, long-term fashion.

Crypto Mastermind provides you with great ways to stay updated and well-invested into the most promising projects this market offers.


When investing large sums into a market as volatile and explosive as the crypto market, it is even more important to invest smart, with confidence and good timing.

Crypto Mastermind serves as a safe haven for your funds and is available 24/7 to answer any of your concerns.

Our Portfolio

Bitcoin (BTC)

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Ethereum (ETH)

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Binance (BNB)

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Cardano (ADA)

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Polkadot (DOT)

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VeChain (VET)

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Uniswap (UNI)

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Sushiswap (SUSHI)

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Synthetix Network Token (SNX)

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Maker (MKR)

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0x (ZRX)

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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer deposits and withdrawals exclusively in Bitcoin. Deposits and withdrawals can be performed while logged in by visiting the respective deposit or withdrawal page.
We plan on implementing this functionality in 2020.
We process withdrawals as quickly as possible, within 24 hours in most cases. For larger payouts, it may take up to 14 days for a payout to be completed, as we pay out solely in Bitcoin and may have to exchange some coins beforehand. Please contact our support team (support@crypto-mastermind.com) if your withdrawal is delayed.
Our fee model is structured as follows: 7% premium (deposit fee, charged with each deposit) For example: A customer wants to deposit $10,000 into their account. There is a 7% premium ($700,-) on the deposit, so the customer has to deposit $10.700,- to achieve the desired investment of $10.000,-. 15% fee on capital gains (Charged on the first day of the month and whenever applicable). For example: We assume an account in which $1,000 was deposited. The Crypto Mastermind Pool distributes capital gains of $100,- to a customer. 15% of these are charged as fees. Thus the customer receives $85,- as capital gains. The account value increases (in this example) to $1,085,-. The watermark increases (in this example) by $100,- to $1.100,-. Only once this value is exceeded will we charge again. 15% fee on profits Once a week, a verification is carried out to see if the existing watermark of an account has been exceeded. If this is the case, fees are charged. Additionally, any fees due are recalculated and charged using the watermark prior to each payout. For example: We assume an account where $10,000 was deposited. The portfolio of an investor experiences a 30% increase in value. The balance now stands at $13.000,- ($10.000,- * 1,3) Crypto Mastermind performs a fee calculation, where profits of $3.000,- are calculated - from which a course fee of $450,- (15%) is deducted. Thus the account balance, after fees have been charged, amounts to $12.550,-. The new watermark is $13.000,-. Only once this value is exceeded will we charge again.
We offer our members uncomplicated, optimally diversified access to the crypto world and allow you to invest in projects that have been thoroughly reviewed by us for their profitability and long-term potential. Our team is permanently working on researching the most valuable projects on the field. An investment with CMM grants you a percentage of the total pool. This gives you the opportunity to earn capital gains, for example through staking rewards. Even with a small investment, you can benefit from staking, which would otherwise not be possible, since many coins, such as Ethereum, require an investor to have a minimum number (32 ETH) of coins in order to be eligible to receive staking rewards. You receive capital gains without having to overinvest in a single project. Furthermore, you earn up to 57% more payouts on other coins, such as VeChain, due to our high node level and the special X-Node status. Any bonus we receive benefits all pool members.
You can see a detailed listing of all of our investments using the portfolio viewer. By clicking on a coin, you can access its overview page. A comprehensive overview of the project, graphs on the exchange rate as well as key links, such as websites and social media accounts, are compiled there.
No. You can invest any amount available to you. After you have made your deposit you will receive a corresponding percentage of the total pool. Due to the volatility of the crypto market, we recommend cost averaging when depositing.
We always have an open ear for suggestions. You can submit a request via our integrated ticket system. To do so, visit your investor account page. We are also available via our support email (support@crypto-mastermind.com) or on our Discord server (https://discord.gg/UBTzBab/).
We reward you with a 10% share of the fees charged on investment income and capital gains for each member you refer. You can find your referral link in your account.
For example: You refer a member and they deposit $10,000 into their account.
1) The account receives $250,- through capital gains distribution. This happens, for example, when a fork event or a payout of our nodes (Ethereum Node, VeChain-X-Node, Cardano Staking, ...) occurs.
Crypto Mastermind charges $37.50,- (15%) of which $3.75,- will be added to your Crypto Mastermind investor account. 2) The account grows by $3.000,- as a result of exchange rate increase. Since in our example the watermark has been exceeded, Crypto Mastermind takes $450,- (15%) of this amount, of which $45,- will be added to your Crypto Mastermind investor account.
The new watermark thus amounts to $13.000,-. We only charge if this value is exceeded again.
If you are interested in our partner program, please contact us via one of the described ways to arrange a personal meeting. In the process you will receive education and training, including private support of our sales manager. Should you qualify as a partner, you will gain access to sales materials such as business cards, home-made presentations and the corresponding folders and merchandise items. Each partner will be personally kept up to date by us at regular intervals.
As an official CMM partner you benefit as follows: We maintain a two-level partner system. Premium

• Level 1: You (customer A) refer customer B. Customer B deposits $10,700 into his account with a $700 (7%) premium. Of these $700,- (7%) you will receive $200,- (2%). • Level 2: Customer B refers customer C. Customer C deposits $10,700 into his own account, again with a $700 (7%) premium. Of these $700,- (7%) you will receive $100,- (1%).

Capital gains

• Level 1: The customer B you referred receives $500 in capital gains distribution. This will result in a fee of $75 (15%), of which $18.75 (3.75%) will be added to your account. • Level 2: Customer C, referred by Customer B, will also receive $500 as a capital gain distribution. This will again result in a fee of $75 (15%), of which $6.25 (1.25%) will be credited to your account.

Profits from exchange rates

• Level 1: Client A, the customer you referred, makes a $3,000 profit. Since the watermark is exceeded, a fee of $450 (15%) will be charged. From this you earn $112,50- (3,75%). The resulting new watermark is $13.000,-. We only charge again once this value is exceeded. • Level 2: Customer C, referred by customer B, also makes a $3000 exchange rate profit. Since the watermark is also exceeded for this customer, fees of $450 (15%) are charged. From these you will receive $37,50- (1,25%). The new watermark is then $13.000,-. We only charge again once this value is exceeded.

We are always available on our discord server, except for a few night hours (GMT+1). There you can discuss questions or suggestions with us. Crypto-Mastermind Discord Server You can always submit a request via our integrated ticket system. To do so, visit the page of your investor account. You can also contact us by sending an e-mail to our support address (support@crypto-mastermind.com). We look forward to hearing from you!